The forthcoming vote on the redefinition of marriage is the result of an agenda to make Australia a secular nation. This means that protections currently available to churches to practice and communicate their faith is in jeopardy. It is not simply an issue of allowing two people of the same gender to marry. All of the benefits and responsibilities enshrined in marriage are already available to couples living in de facto relationships and this extends to those of same sex attraction. This is part of a much wider agenda which includes changes to the law and practice around issues of abortion, euthanasia, gender identity and sexual education of children.


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The Board has discussed how we can best respond to this challenge and the following has been agreed:

  • A series on ‘difficult questions about life’ will be delivered on Sunday mornings. These will be supported by notes or written material.
  • The Tuesday evening Bible study will use this material to delve more deeply into the issues raised. Other groups are welcome to follow a similar pattern should they wish.
  • A statement will be placed on our website indicating our view of what constitutes marriage.
  • This conviction will be incorporated into our official doctrinal statement.
  • We remind all people that if they wish to make a public comment about the issues raised then they can obviously do that in their private capacity, but if they want to represent the church that should only happen with the approval of me as the Senior Pastor.
  • We will not use the church facebook page as a forum for debate.

There is also a group that plans to meet each Monday to pray into this issue and opportunity will be given for those who wish to join a mailing list to receive updated and educative information.

This issue and how the church responds to it is a watershed moment and requires that we all respond prayerfully and intelligently, as God leads. If you have any questions or concerns please speak with me.
Richard Foster
Australind Baptist Church