As a faith-based Christian organisation, Australind Baptist Church takes seriously the Bible’s concern regarding the vulnerable in our society, including children. Those who have taken on responsibilities to lead and care for others in our church are committed to ensuring that all people are kept emotionally and physically safe. Furthermore, the church leadership ensures that all state laws in Western Australia are adhered to, especially regarding the area of child protection.

Consequently, we are committed to following the Safe Church Policy as developed by the Baptist Churches of Western Australia (BCWA), which complies with both the biblical principles of care and all existing and applicable legislation in Western Australia.

All leaders, helpers, volunteers and workers (who will be working/helping with children) are screened before they are able to serve in our church. All applicants must hold a current and valid Working with Children Card and they must provide a National or Volunteer Police Clearance. They are also requested to attend Safe Church leadership training. In addition to this rigorous application process, we are committed to the ongoing leadership, training, supervision and support of all our leaders.

It is our prayer that Australind Baptist Church will continue to be a place for all people to feel welcome and safe to fellowship, worship, grow in their faith and serve the Lord together.