Pastoral Team Biography


Born: England

Family: I am married to Roslyn, and we have six adult children.
Experience: I have served as the senior pastor of Australind Baptist Church since 2014. Before pastoring full-time, I was a lecturer and academic advisor in business and management and in Biblical studies. My work history also includes periods of employment as a public servant, administrator of a maximum-security prison, company director and manager of a number of companies, as well as a dishwasher, delivery driver, process server, building labourer and groundsman. I worked in many of these latter positions while being bi-vocational in the religious and not-for-profit sectors. I have served in a volunteer capacity as a pastor to ex-prostitutes, and as the founder of an eating disorder support network. I have also served on a number of boards and committees in conjunction with my passion for social justice. I am the founder and a board member of Jambo!, a cooperative endeavour between Australind Baptist Church and community and church leaders in rural Kenya, seeking to advance the kingdom of God by sustainable business practices.
Passionate about: The integration of faith and work.


Born: Western Australia

Family: I am married to Shaun, and we have four children.

Experience: My initial training was as a Registered Nurse, before specialising in paediatrics, which built into my love of working with children. I began helping out in Sunday School as a teenager, and moved on to teaching kids’ church when my own children were old enough to take part. I’ve taught and coordinated children’s ministries at Applecross Church of Christ, Karratha Baptist Church and Australind Baptist Church. I’ve also coordinated playgroups at South Perth Church of Christ and now at Australind Baptist Church. 

Passionate about: Serving and loving families, to see them grow in their relationship with Christ. Supporting parents as they teach the next generation and generations to come.


Born: Western Australia

Family: I am married to Jenni, and we have two adult children.
Experience: I began my working life as a qualified photographer, before spending many years volunteering in young people’s ministry and camps. I have a Certificate IV in Pastoral Care and am qualified in Youth Mental Health First Aid and Gatekeepers. I’m currently working for YouthCare as a School Chaplain two days a week, studying Pastoral Care, and serving on pastoral staff two days a week at Australind Baptist Church.
Passionate about:  Making disciples for Christ by encouraging, empowering and equipping our church family to reach into our community and share God’s love through events such as Alpha, Dinner Church and Australind Family Carols.