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Missions Update

As a church we support a number of missions, some financially and others through prayer and encouragement. As the disciples were told to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the the end of the earth, so are we. Though our Jerusalem is our immediate community, Judea perhaps the state or region and so on. Jesus did not intend that this be one place after another, but concurrently. Below we will identify and update some of those we support and new opportunities. 
Our Jerusalem

Emergency Pantry
We maintain a store of food items to distribute to those in need. This is built up by the donations of goods by the church family and distributed by various members of the church leadership. On occasion we provide vouchers for people to purchase emergency needs.
CAP Money Course is a short course designed to assist people to budget and better manage their resources. It is offered face to face and online. All courses are free – though registration is essential. See CAP Money.
This is a course designed to encourage people to explore life, faith and meaning. Conducted at the church around a meal it stars on 19th July. Geoff is the man to contact geoff@australindbaptistchurch.com.
School Chaplaincy
Members of our church are chaplains at Treendale and Burekup Primary schools. They are appointed through YouthCARE.
A number of the church family serve as mentors in local Primary Schools, and there is always room for more!
Sharon heads up our Playgroup, which will be extended to two days per week once the restrictions due to the Corona Virus allow. It operates out of the Australind Primary school and through its generosity is able to be offered at low cost to the community.
Our Annual Carols event is held in December and is a free community event supported by local schools, the Shire and businesses as well other local churches. Planning has begun and volunteers will be needed in various roles. Contact us if this is something that excites you!
Moss stands for the Ministry of Sport South West. This is an initiative of Ryan Smoker and Australind Baptist Church, it engages in sporting activities and provides teams in a number of sports including Cricket, Soccer and basketball. From this ministry opportunities develop to offer support to those struggling with mental health and other issues and through Ryan is connected with Sports Chaplaincy.
Other Stuff
Members of the church family are committed to a number of the other endeavours including Prison Fellowship, Street Chaplaincy, Angel Tree, Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes and so on.
Our Judea

A number of the initiatives already mentioned extend beyond our immediate community, but added to those are:

Baptistcare. By giving to the cooperative budget of the Baptist Churches of WA we support the provision of residential care, disability services and retirement living throughout WA.
Other Cooperative programs. A motto of Baptist Churches used to be ‘doing together what we can’t do alone’, and the cooperative budget enables that. Through it exists to provide care as mentioned above, it also provides counselling services, youth camps and schools and colleges. It also extends to overseas missions.  
Our Samaria

Australia is perhaps our Samaria and once again we are able to support a number of causes through cooperative efforts. They include:

Crossover. This is an organisation committed to providing resources and support in evangelism. That includes video programs and printed resources.
Baptist Union of Australia. Having a voice federally in matters of justice and compassion is essential and by supporting this peak body we are able to not only have a voice but to influence opinion. This is also the body that negotiates matters such as the redress scheme for those caught up in the tragedy of child abuse.
Other campaigns. From time to time we are invited to support campaigns to provide relief or support to national initiatives. This may be drought or bush fire relief, or types of natural disasters, or even to add our voice to issues of political or social concern.  
Annointed Rivers Academy, Kenya
To The End of The Earth

JAMBO. This is a Swahili word for ‘Welcome’ and is the name given to our initiative to establish a partnership with a group in Western Kenya. Broadly the partnership exists to provide support across 3 dimensions: The Anointed Rivers Academy, a school for primary aged children; JPEP, the Jambo Poverty Eradication Project, a collective committed to alleviating poverty by addressing health needs and providing sustainable business models so that they will become self reliant; Churches under the supervision of Pastors Henry and Mathews.
To date we have funded the construction of classrooms, provision of improved sanitation, payment of school registration, chairs and contributed to the payment of teacher wages. We have also funded a program for the eradication of ‘jigger’ infestation, the establishment of a chicken farm, and most recently the capacity to begin a small farming project to grow maize. Two conferences have been conducted to teach local church and community leaders and initiate a sustainable business model.
A conference planned for later this year has been postponed due to the Corona Virus and those funds will be redirected to other needs of the communities.
GOODWILL MISSION. The Goodwill Mission is in Punjab under the guidance of Pastor Sohail. Their focus is to provide education to a community that is largely illiterate and exist below the poverty line. They are housed in slums and cannot afford the basic necessities of life.
Pastor Soahail receives our regular teaching and translates them into Punjabi and Urdu to help encourage the people.
Other Cooperative work. GIA is an in initiative of Baptist churches ans supports missionaries in various places, such as Sally Pim in Mozambique. Some of the church family have provided support directly to individual missionaries while others give to their cooperative appeals.
Baptist World Aid conducts appeals to alleviate the needs throughout the world often caused by natural and other disasters.

The Church Board is responsible for how we steward the resources entrusted to the church and value your payer in making wise decisions.

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