Jambo! This is the name given to the partnership that exists between our church and the Anointed Rivers church and school community in Western Kenya. So far, this partnership has resulted in:

– Conduct of training to Church leaders and pastors
– Conference of local church members and children
– Provision of written study material and resources
– Building of 2 classrooms
– Provision of chairs and educational material to the Anointed Rivers Academy
– Payment of school registration costs
– Ongoing consultation and advice

All of these have been provided through the gifts and offerings of our church. This year it is planned to conduct a consultation process and conference called ‘Sustainable Futures’ an abstract of the proposal is attached. It is expected to take place in May. The intention is that a plan can be produced that will lead to the community becoming independently sustainable within 5 years.

In addition to the conference Pastor Richard has been asked to provide teaching to the Christians in the Nursing College and have been invited to meet with a Baptist pastor in Kitale (about 45 kms away) who is Bishop to 7 churches in the region. He asked Richard to speak to his congregations.

For more details about the conference, please speak to Pastor Richard.

You are being invited to generously contribute to the cost of the conference and the travel costs. If you would like to do this please use an envelope, appropriately marked or make a direct deposit into the church account with a reference of Jambo. Please continue to pray for Kenya and the needs of the children in particular.

Pastor Richard
Giving Details (General Giving)
Name: Australind Baptist Church
BSB: 704 922
Account Number: 100013283