Join us in the next part of our series on difficult issues. Last week we looked at the basis for our morality.

Everything in creation has a beginning. As human beings who are finite we tend to measure everything by time and space, a beginning and an end. Genesis tells us that in the beginning, God was. He is not limited as we are, he is infinite while we are finite. In the beginning he created, and out of his creative force all else came into being.

Human life started with a word from this creator God, he gave life and with it came the capacity to reproduce. Man, and woman, both formed in the image of God, were given the desire and ability to bring life which too would bear the imprint of God.

But when does this life begin, at childbirth, conception, when the ability to make moral choice is achieved or when the child has some function they can fulfil? This is the question on which much debate about abortion or right to life hinges, but what does the Bible say? 

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