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Chaplains Chat Volume 9

Helping Your Child Establish a Good Homework Routine.

Most children start getting homework from the first year of school. It starts with practising reading, spelling, and writing, however as the students get older they get more complex projects.

Take the time to encourage your children and help them develop a routine. You can sit with them while they do their work and as they get better, you might even be able to sit nearby. If you can’t always be there while they are doing their homework, set a time to review what they have done together, after they have had a go.

Always be available to listen to their reading, check their spelling and guide them if they are struggling with problem-solving. Avoid answering the questions for your children however, ask open questions to guide them to discover the answer for themselves, and always take an interest in what they are learning.

By creating an after school routine for homework and playtime your children can understand what’s expected of them each week and they will develop a good foundation for the future.

Geoff Harrison. Australind Baptist Church. Chaplain.