Easter is probably the most significant event on the Christian calendar. While Christmas gets the headlines, and the commercial success, it is Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday of Easter that speaks more to us about our faith than any other event. All of the Old Testament anticipates it and the New Testament depends on it. The sacrifice of Jesus as the substitute for us and his resurrection by which he defeated for all time the power of death has secured for us the eternal peace that God always intended.

This weekend we reflect on the event which demonstrates God’s love for us in a profound way and remind ourselves of what it cost him, as a Father to give up his Son. We also will celebrate the possibility of new life and freedom from the dominion of darkness. Whatever else you do this Easter weekend, make sure you spend some of it in thanksgiving for what he has done for you.
Easter Service
Easter Sunday 10:00am

The most significant event in the Christian Calendar!
Invite your friends to come and worship the crucified and risen Lord