Church services are held at 10am every Sunday at the Australind Senior High School Performing Arts Theatre, Break’O’Day Drive, Australind, Western Australia.

We invite you to visit Australind Baptist Church soon, and when you do we want to promise you three things:

  • Real friendship
  • Loving care for your children and teens
  • A “Come as you are” attitude where everyone is accepted

We recently finished a series called Life in The Spirit. You can check out what we’ve been learning and discussing.

Latest Blog Post

What does it mean to be a person of peace? When Jesus sent out seventy two of his followers to talk about the kingdom of God he told them they were to be men of peace, but how were they to do that? What does it mean for us to be peacemakers in our communities, what does peace look like to the people in our community, is it enough to pray or do we need to do more? This is the topic for this week, join us on Sunday